How an Inheritance Advance Works

Free consultation

We start with a free consultation where one of our friendly staff members will explain the process, pricing, and answer any other questions you may have.

Estate review

We then review some basic estate paperwork to ensure that there are sufficient assets in the estate for us to help you. We will start by reviewing the petition for probate and the will (if one was left by the decedent).


Once we confirm your inheritance and approve your inheritance advance, we can wire funds directly to you immediately. We guarantee the lowest price and fastest service available – often funding within 24 hours!


When the estate is finally ready for distribution, we are paid back directly out of your share and the remainder of your inheritance comes directly to you.


Use your inheritance today!

Our whole process takes as little as 24 hours to complete. In almost all cases, the entire process can even be completed on your phone or computer.

No risk of recourse for non-payment

This is not an inheritance loan so you are never personally responsible for repayment.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

As the oldest and largest provider of Inheritance Cash Advances, we're able to beat the competition with speed, expert service, and low prices.

Not dependent on income or credit

We advance cash based only on what’s in the estate. We don’t care about your employment history, income, or credit score.

Money for all your needs

There are no strings attached and an inheritance advance from IFC is your money to use however you see fit.

Zero hidden fees and monthly payments

There are no hidden fees, monthly payments, and the inheritance advance will never affect the share of other heirs in the estate.