Probate Process In Georgia

When a resident of Georgia dies, it’s up to the Georgia probate court is to appoint an individual in charge of the estate, oversee the collection of all assets into an estate, pay off debts owed by the decedent when they died, validate any existing wills, and finally distribute the estate assets to the various rightful heirs.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Georgia

While the intent of the probate process in Georgia is legitimate, there is one major setback: the Georgia probate process restricts rightful heirs from accessing their inheritance for many months, if not years. On average, heirs in the US will not see any inheritance distributions for an entire year and a half. With any snags in the Georgia probate process, that length of time can easily balloon to 2 years or more in some cases. Heirs in Georgia and around the country simply don’t anticipate this delay and are shocked to learn the facts.

Access Your Inheritance In Georgia Immediately

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