Florida Probate

Probate Process In Florida

After the death of a friend or loved one, assets and belongings must be collected and distributed fairly under the Florida inheritance law. In Florida, the Florida Probate courts are in charge of overseeing this process. The probate process in Florida includes collecting and accounting for all various assets, paying off any outstanding debts left behind, validating any legal wills, and finally distributing the assets to the rightful heirs according to the law. Florida has a few Probate provisions that are helpful to heirs. First, there is no Florida estate tax or inheritance tax which can help keep funds in the estate. Secondly, Florida is one of 17 states that use the entire Uniform Probate Code to administer estates in probate.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Florida

While the aim of the Florida Probate process is true, there is one major setback: it restricts rightful heirs from accessing their inheritance for years in many cases. The average estate in the US takes a full year and a half to distribute inheritance funds to the legal heirs. With unforeseen complications, that length of time can easily get to two years, three years, even more in some cases. Heirs in Florida and around the country just don’t anticipate this delay when entering the inheritance process.

Access Your Inheritance In Florida Immediately

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