Probate Process In Colorado Probate

After someone passes away in Colorado, it’s up to the Colorado Probate courts to determine what assets the deceased person had, determine the rightful heirs, what debts the person owed, and finally make sure all assets are distributed to the proper heirs. Each of Colorado’s 22 districts has its own probate court to serve the residents of the district.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Colorado

Colorado suffers from the same probate woes that affect the rest of the country: the process is inefficient and takes a long time to complete. The process of probate in Colorado takes, on average, a full year and a half to distribute inheritance funds to the heirs of the estate. During the Colorado probate process, heirs in Colorado have been forced to stand by and access to their inheritance money was impossibility. Banks and other traditional lenders in Colorado will not issue loans to heirs based on an eventual inheritance, even if it was only a few months away.

Access Your Inheritance In Colorado Immediately

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