Probate Process In CALIFORNIA

It can be a very difficult time for surviving loved ones after someone passes away. In addition to obvious emotional issues, the logistics of handling the person’s assets and possessions can be daunting. This is precisely the reason estates enter the California probate process. In California, the role of probate is to account for and collect a deceased person’s assets and belongings into a single estate, determine the rightful heirs, and finally fairly distribute the assets to these heirs. With few exceptions, all estates in California must go through this formal court process.

Delays To Your Inheritance In California

The major problem with the California probate process is that it’s bogged down with delays at every turn. Most heirs don’t realize just how long it will be until they receive their inheritance in California. In fact, the average time it takes for heirs to receive their inheritance in the US is a full year and a half according to a national study. A major factor leading to inheritance delays in California is under-funding and over-crowding of the state probate courts. There are just 58 county courts to serve over 38 million people in California – just under 13% of the US population. Just getting a court date to open a probate case can take many months. Add in the delays of selling real estate, settling creditor’s claims, etc. and it can take 2 years or more for rightful heirs to see any of their inheritance in California.

Access Your Inheritance In California Immediately

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