Process Of Probate In Arizona

Heirs in Arizona often wonder what needs to happen when a family member or other loved one passes away and leaves them an inheritance. The vast majority of the time, the person’s estate must enter the Arizona probate process. Probate is the legal process in Arizona of collecting and accounting for the person’s belongings and assets, determining who the rightful heirs are, and distributing the assets accordingly. Luckily for heirs in the state, the Arizona probate court has adopted the Uniform Probate Code and has neither a state inheritance tax nor an Arizona estate tax. This means whether you’re in Maricopa Probate court or Pima Probate court, the laws are more or less the same.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Arizona

Unfortunately, the Arizona probate system suffers from the same delays that plague the rest of the country. With very few exceptions, there is no way to avoid the lengthy process of probate in Arizona. The average probate process in the US is open for a full year and a half and there’s no indication Arizona is any different. Non-cash assets such as real estate, cars, etc. must be appraised and sold which can be one of the largest delays. Most heirs in Arizona would love to access their inheritance right away to pay for expenses but the current system locks them out for many months, if not years.

Access Your Inheritance In Arizona Immediately

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