Probate Process In Alabama

The Alabama Probate court system is made up of 68 separate courts, each with its own Probate judge. When a resident of Alabama dies, all of their possessions and assets must be accounted for and collected. Once the assets and possessions are put together as an estate, they are distributed either according to the decedent’s wishes (if known) or as fairly as possible under the law. This is the primary role of the Alabama Probate court. Alabama does not use the Uniform Probate Code as many other states do. Fortunately for the heirs, there is no Alabama state inheritance tax nor is there an Alabama estate tax.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Alabama

Like every other state across the country, the Alabama probate process is long and complicated. Any number of common delays mean estates in Alabama take a year and a half, sometimes more, to distribute any money to the rightful heirs. Unfortunately, if you are an heir in Alabama, there’s not much you can do to speed the process up. The Alabama probate code requires all estates worth more than about $25,000 (adjusts slightly every year) to go through the full formal probate process. This means, among other things, filing a petition to open probate with the court, completing the creditor’s claims period (90 days after notice is given in Alabama), pay any federal estate taxes, etc. Bottom line, the average heir in Alabama won’t be able to access their inheritance for at least a year

Access Your Inheritance In Alabama Immediately

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